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IBE provides technical and advisory services to support over 40 of the 195 UNESCO Member States

  • Key Partnerships

  • The principal partners of the IBE remain the UNESCO Member States. During the biennium 2016/2017, the IBE provides technical and advisory services to support over 40 of the 195 UNESCO Member States. Over 60 Member States participate in IBE training courses, and membership of the IBE Global Curriculum Network comprises 130 Member States.


  • Within UNESCO

  • Within UNESCO, the IBE benefits from partnerships with:
    UNESCO Education Sector at Headquarters and in Field Offices
    UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS)
    UNESCO Institute for Informational Technology in Education (IIET)
    The IBE continuously builds strategic partnerships for its programs, with a wide presentation of diverse stakeholders.


  • Strategic Partnerships

  • The IBE continuously builds partnerships with a wide variety of diverse stakeholders, including Member States, academic and research institutions, international organizations, foundations, entrepreneurs, and civil society.
    So far the IBE’s partners include:
    Global Partnership for Education
    Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences, University of Washington
    International Brain Research Organization (IBRO)
    Sense Publishers
    Springer Publishers
    Respect Education Foundation
    Institute for Cultural Diplomacy
    Jacob Soetendorp Institute for Human Values
    Aegis Trust
    UN Alliance of Civilizations


  • Become a Partner

  • The input and contribution of its partners enables the IBE to work tirelessly and effectively in pursuit of its vision of a world where each and every person is assured quality and lifelong learning.
  • Join the IBE as a strategic partner and help us achieve this important goal!
  • For more information, contact or use our contact page.
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