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Dr. Mmantsetsa Marope

IBE Director (2015-2020)

The IBE strongly believes “that there is more that holds us together than what separates us”

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  • In Focus is the annual magazine of the UNESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE), a window into the IBE’s vision, mission, and tireless quest in pursuit of a world in which everyone is assured quality and relevant education and lifelong learning.
  • In Focus captures critical moments of each year and showcases IBE’s flagship programs. In Focus is more than a beautiful piece of work: it is a call to action—an invitation to the world to join the IBE’s efforts toward achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4 and the global Education2030 agenda.
  • In Focus is available both as an online platform and as a print magazine: a collector’s item, a piece of history to own.
  • The International Bureau of Education (IBE)

  • Founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1925 as a center for information and scientific research, the International Bureau of Education has a long and rich history of intellectual leadership and the promotion of international cooperation in education. In 1929, under the distinguished leadership of Jean Piaget (Director 1929–1969), the IBE became the first intergovernmental organization in the field of education. The IBE joined UNESCO in 1969, as an international center of comparative education, where it continued to promote research in the area of comparative education and maintain educational documentation and information services.
  • Over the years, the core mandate of the IBE has changed, culminating in 2011, when the UNESCO General Conference declared the IBE a Global Centre of Excellence in Curriculum and related matters, with a strong emphasis on learning, teaching and assessment.
  •  The IBE’s mandate is to strengthen the capacities of Member States to design, develop, and implement curricula that ensure the equity, quality, development-relevance, and resource-efficiency of education and learning systems.
  • For more information on the IBE’s work, access to the IBE knowledge-sharing platform, and information on how to partner with the IBE in support of its important mission, please visit: